when you did something wrong, but felt bad for it after x

they’re so comfortable with each other can you two just hurry up and date <3

gayeon worried about her boyfriend minwoo

bobby’s victory dance after passing round 3 @ smtm3.



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"He was like an angry dog ripping apart a bigger dog." - Moon Swings

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double b overload : smtm3 ep 2 / ? 

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Bigbang X Tower of saviors


idk if anyone cares but this blog has changed to ygclanstan. this blog will ONLY be kpop related, jnie-fff has moved elsewhere and will continue to fan over GOT/mad men/football(soccer)/OUAT/CS/basically anything that i’ve reblogged that isn’t kpop related.

basically this blog ygclanstan will be 100% kpop related.
jnie-fff will be 0% kpop but 100% of the other stuff i used to reblog

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bobby is the new definition of fine ♥‿♥

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